Saturday, October 18, 2014

Griffin Island Campaign Setup - Castles and Crusades

We're switching from DCC RPG to Castles and Crusades.  The world stays the same: my take on the Wilderlands.  I rip off classic Judges Guilds modules also the best stuff from Shadowworld, Greyhawk, Glorantha, etc.

The DCC group remains on the hunt for Macrobius.  A tale that may continue some day.

Further north, a different band of heroes find themselves cruising from the port city of Warwick to the lost ruins of Thracia.

Their expedition leader is Andres Zaris.  This story begins after his recovery of a 100-year-old map created by the great hero Aigonus Windsword.  This map of Griffin Island obviously holds many secrets.

 There is a single place name on the map of interest to Andres Zaris and that is the Ruins of Thracia.  Being a renowned antiquarian of Thracian artifacts, with the map in hand, finding and exploring this lost city became the pursuit of his career.  He then hired a ship, crew, and exploration team.  This was almost two years ago.

Upon arriving at Griffin Island, they docked at the town named Soldier Port, stocked up on supplies, and fished for rumors.  Then they sailed to the bay near the ruins.  After mooring ship, the various teams went to work.  Some carpenters from Soldier Port built a cabin near the shore while an investigation team set out to find the ruins.  Only one man from that team made it back alive.

The lone survivor told that a group of natives known as “Deathwalkers” had ambushed them before they set foot in the city.  However, the survivor did discover that the ruins were vast and beautiful with waterfalls cascading into a river flowing right through the middle of the city.  There were artifacts and statues, aged and covered with layers of moss and debris, all obviously ripe for collecting.  Milo, the survivor, did manage to pocket a few broken bits of pottery later verified as authentic Thracian.  Nevertheless, the Deathwalkers with their frightening deathmasks and poisoned javelin tips put an abrupt end to further explorations.

Obviously, this crew was not up to challenge the ruins.  Andres Zaris ordered the cabin boarded up for later use and the teams to return to the ship.  They left Griffin Island for another day.   The second exploration effort would have far more resources, a seasoned captain and multi-talented crew with a larger ship to load with Thracian artifacts.  Lastly, he hired a powerful band of adventures to fight the Deathwalkers, explore dangerous ruins, and make the place safe for more exhaustive investigation.

Today, two years later, Andres Zaris is again on his way to Griffin Island.  This time in a larger ship, a cog named “Trahan’s Queen” captained by the very capable Burumir Thurumir Hammerhund (B.T., as he is known).  These two leaders and their men sail now with a seasoned team of adventures some of whom have their own secrets, agendas, and other connections to Griffin Island.

This is how the story begins; each player character is one of the hired adventures.  You are all sailing toward Griffin Island, which is about ten days away.  Andres Zaris shared his map of Griffin Island and a rough sketch of the region surrounding the ruins.  Maps in hand, mission ahead, it is time for the adventure to begin.